Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo is a Cuban fiction writer, blogger and photojournalist. Author of five books of fiction, columnist for Diario de Cuba (Madrid), El Nacional (Caracas) and Sampsonia Way Magazine, and the opinion blog Lunes de Post-Revolución (available in English at orlandolunes.wordpress.com).  Pardo Lazo came into conflict with the Cuban government in 2009 when he attempted to publish his short […]

Helena Norberg-Hodge is the founder and director of Local Futures, a nonprofit organization that advocates economic localization, particularly in agriculture. In 2011, she co-directed and produced a documentary titled “The Economics of Happiness.” What does interdependence look like in so-called “traditional” economies?In places like Ladakh (Kashmir), the very clear difference between a more land-based, community-based economy and the really quite artificial, fossil […]

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