Having déjà vu? The Affordable Care Act is once again facing a significant challenge in the Supreme Court this week. The piece of legislation, which has become so much the hallmark of the Obama administration that it is more commonly known as Obamacare, represents the most significant overhaul of the healthcare system since the introduction […]

This month, the fight to maintain and expand women’s reproductive rights has taken some serious blows. Across the country, several states, including Colorado, North Dakota and Tennessee had so-called personhood and other anti-abortion legislation amendments on their ballots. In Texas, the federal court system is vacillating over the constitutionality of legislation that limits abortion access, […]

Earlier this month, students and teachers from the suburban Jefferson County, Colorado received national media coverage after skipping school  to protest potential changes to the AP U.S. History courses offered at their schools. The school board had proposed to change the course to create nationalistic overtones at the expense of accurate representations of history in […]

The Republican Party is like a bunch of awkward guys on dates — trying very hard, but having trouble winning over women. With the midterm elections rapidly approaching, Republicans and Democrats have ramped up their efforts to woo women voters to varying levels of success. The Democratic strategy of emphasizing women’s issues is hardly new, […]

As the August recess approached, congressional attention was seized by a slew of unexpected agenda items. The human rights crisis revolving around unaccompanied minors crossing the border, Veterans Affairs reform and international strife abroad in Israel, Ukraine and Iraq dominated headlines and rose to the top of Congress’s agenda. With so much attention focused on […]

Four years ago, then-Mayor John Hickenlooper leveraged his popular, quirky image to catapult himself out of Denver’s city hall and into the Colorado governor’s mansion. However, the several pieces of peculiar legislation that have weeded their way onto Colorado’s books during his tenure may be hurting Hickenlooper’s chances at re-election. Much of the frenzy has […]

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