Movies about the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars are scarce when compared to the volume of World War I and II and Vietnam-era films. The ones that are have received a smaller reception (The Messenger, Brothers, Green Zone, Body of Lies), with a few exceptions (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty). American Sniper – due to […]

December 17, 2014: the day President Obama ended the 53-year suspension of diplomatic relations with Cuba, that tiny Caribbean island of rum, sun and Chevys. Like a shot heard ‘round the world, the national and international media went wild. The renewed diplomatic relations and normalized trade relations is a coup for the Obama Administration and […]

Recently, the release of Assassin’s Creed: Unity by Ubisoft has again sparked critique and criticism relating to the role of women in video games. The game has “no playable characters that are women,” effectively ignoring the booming demographic of female gamers. Under similar criticism for not animating or creating female playable characters, Ubisoft technical director […]

Among Havana’s 1950s cars, bikes and motorcycle sidecars, one occasionally hears the roll and smash of skateboards, a mix of Cuban and international — frequently American — influences. In Cuba, they are known as “patinadores” although their Emerica and Vans brands also identify them as “skaters,” many of their Facebook names appended with “sk” alluding […]

“No es fácil” – it isn’t easy – is the go-to phrase Cubans use to explain just about any life difficulty. Unseen by most people visiting the island, the two-currency system imposed by the Cuban government complicates the purchase of goods and is criticized for creating or perpetuating social inequalities within Cuban society. It isn’t […]

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