December 17, 2014: the day President Obama ended the 53-year suspension of diplomatic relations with Cuba, that tiny Caribbean island of rum, sun and Chevys. Like a shot heard ‘round the world, the national and international media went wild. The renewed diplomatic relations and normalized trade relations is a coup for the Obama Administration and […]

Among Havana’s 1950s cars, bikes and motorcycle sidecars, one occasionally hears the roll and smash of skateboards, a mix of Cuban and international — frequently American — influences. In Cuba, they are known as “patinadores” although their Emerica and Vans brands also identify them as “skaters,” many of their Facebook names appended with “sk” alluding […]

“No es fácil” – it isn’t easy – is the go-to phrase Cubans use to explain just about any life difficulty. Unseen by most people visiting the island, the two-currency system imposed by the Cuban government complicates the purchase of goods and is criticized for creating or perpetuating social inequalities within Cuban society. It isn’t […]

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