In a city where over 58,000 homeless people roam the streets, it’s strange that Mayor Bill de Blasio has supported allocating $25 million to the horse-drawn carriage industry in Central Park. The New York City Council agrees; the Council recently ignored a bill aimed at protecting Central Park horses, a cornerstone of de Blasio’s mayoral […]

Jun, an eighteen-year-old student from a Tokyo suburb, was in despair. He had just failed the entrance examination for the national university where he had planned to study philosophy. Confidence shattered, he nonetheless spent six months studying hard to pass the test the following year. Slowly, however, he turned to reading philosophy instead, abandoning his […]

BuzzFeed brought some incredibly important journalism to the world this spring—they ran the numbers on how much money Joey owed Chandler on the hit sitcom Friends. Though the final tally of $114,260 is far-removed from reality, most things involving money in the show skewed towards the unbelievable. Although hypothetically depicting financially struggling New Yorkers, the […]

Less than a year ago, Uber made headlines for massive funding increases and rapid, city-a-day global expansion. The company, which matches smartphone users and taxi drivers with the tap of a button, skyrocketed from being valued at $3.5 billion to $41 billion between 2013 and 2014. But recent headlines have revolved around Uber’s increasing security […]

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