It only takes a few minutes of browsing internet comments for one to observe just how ingrained the concept of “free speech” is in American culture. It is a buzz term that permeates the current nationwide debate about whether or not “coddled” college students’ demands for safe spaces and trigger-warnings violates it. While the freedom […]

Americans are fat, and getting fatter. According to the American Heart Association, 78 million adults and 13 million children in the United States are obese. This crisis is being attacked by public officials like Michelle Obama, who has made addressing childhood obesity her area of focus during her tenure as First Lady. She started the […]

It is well known that social media has come to play an irrefutably large role in campaigning and politics. From Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush’s Photoshop Twitter war to Ted Cruz’s brilliant use of #CruzCrowd, the candidates of the 2016 presidential election have attempted to maximize their contact with voters over the internet. The role […]

Logically, it seems as though Democrats would rely more heavily on social media for campaigning than Republicans because of their younger voting base. This notion is partly true and was certainly true in the groundbreaking Obama 2008 campaign. The party’s outreach toward younger voters is just as important today. Hillary Clinton, for instance, has been […]

  Computer science (CS) is the most popular major at Stanford University, yet female students make up only 12 percent of the program. It is hardly news that women are underrepresented in all STEM fields, computer science included. But the relatively high number of young women in introductory classes shows that the problem is not […]

In November of 2014, President Christina Paxson sparked controversy with her reaction to the Janus Forum’s debate, “How Should Colleges Handles Sexual Assault?” an event in which two speakers, Jessica Valenti and Wendy McElroy, were invited to represent opposing viewpoints about rape culture on college campuses. The presence of McElroy, who has authored an article […]

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