The prison-industrial complex (PIC), as defined by Critical Resistance, refers to the vast networks of institutions and systems that promote “the overlapping interests of government and industry that use surveillance, policing, and imprisonment as solutions to economic, social and political problems.” Come to a teach-in where we’ll discuss the history of these institutions, their modern […]

On Wednesday, November 19, the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies is hosting a teach-in on the recent disappearance of Mexican students. #AYOTZINAPA: A Teach-In on Mexico’s Missing Students features postdoctoral fellow at the Watson Institute Janice Gallagher, Paula Martinez Gutierrez, Atenea Rosado-Viurques, Camila Ruiz Segovia and Richard Snyder. See the liveblog below the […]

Images of death and destruction in Gaza have elicited anguished reactions and raised large questions that go well beyond the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. “Why Gaza Matters,” an open discussion led by five Brown faculty, addresses the causes, contexts and consequences of the war.Sponsored by the Watson Institute for International Studies, the panelists include: Beshara Doumani, Watson […]

As the Syrian civil war approaches its fourth year, prospects for peace are increasingly dim. Western-led negotiations have proved unfruitful. The United States has no visible strategy for ending the conflict, much less for assisting in a democratic transition. But while the armed opposition within the country is rife with extremists, Washington has been ignoring […]

Dissatisfaction with President François Hollande’s tenure has spurred on a conservative movement in France. With an embarrassingly low approval rating of 19 percent, Hollande has been a huge disappointment, largely due to unprecedented levels of unemployment. Economic stagnation in various towns across France has exacerbated social tensions and xenophobia, threatening the rights and safety of […]

Grameen Bank’s Rising Risk Interactive Graphic by Myles Gurule Microfinance was speculated to be the magic bullet, end-all cure for poverty. In 2006, Professor Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank won the Nobel Peace Prize for spearheading this innovative movement, lending small amounts of capital to impoverished women in India in order to lift them […]

Writing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a daunting task. Beyond the impassioned and divisive nature of the topic, the clash over its terminology is deep-rooted, extending as far back as the origins of the conflict itself. There have been several instances in recent memory when media outlets have utilized certain politically charged terms and received […]

Political art is far from a novel phenomenon, but nowadays we’re exposed to artist-activists from around the world, creating works of dissent and rebellion. Here are my personal favorites from recent years, and a brief look at the political context from which these social critiques have emerged.5. Street art has become a popular platform for […]

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