April is a hopeful month for policymakers, activists, and citizens around the globe aspiring to address the multiple problems surrounding the international drug prohibition regime. From April 19 to 21, the United Nations will convene its much-awaited Special Session on Drugs at the headquarters of the organization in New York City. The Session will provide […]

Waves of protests on college campuses across the United States have opened urgent conversations about the presence of racism in higher educational institutions. This fall, students at various universities, including Yale, Missouri, and Brown, have come together to denounce the ways in which institutionalized racism continues to undermine the educational experience of minority groups. As […]

From a country dripping with corruption has come Mexicoleaks, a media platform that seeks to engage Mexicans in the safeguarding of their country’s democracy. Launched on March 10th, the website is based on the principles and format of Wikileaks. By allowing users across the country to openly share vast troves of information, Mexicoleaks creates an avenue […]

As March is Women’s History Month, it marks a time for reflection on the state of human rights of women worldwide, especially those living in areas of entrenched violence. This topic is of particular relevance to what the United Nations has described as the most murderous region of the world: Latin America. Amnesty International’s latest […]

On December 17, 2014, Presidents Raul Castro and Barack Obama announced the restoration of diplomatic ties between Cuba and the United States, ending half a century of severed relations. The simultaneously broadcasted announcements hinted at the possibility of a more cooperative chapter in the tumultuous relations between Havana and Washington. However, real engagement might not […]

Civilians in Mexico and the United States have taken to the streets in recent weeks, protesting injustice and demanding reform On September 26th, 43 students from the rural training college of Ayotzinapa went missing after a confrontation with local policemen. Mexicans have since organized various demonstrations condemning police and state brutality. Meanwhile, in several cities […]

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