For a long time, weather control was merely the stuff of Greek myths, super powers, or science fiction novels. But experimentation with altering weather and climate in the academic realm has been explored for nearly two hundred years,, with increasingly — and some might say frighteningly — reactive results. Beyond scholarly curiosity about the human ability to manipulate our immediate environment, climate control has more recently […]

Nigeria has a people problem. With a population of 167 million and one of the highest fertility rates in sub-Saharan Africa, the country is struggling with the repercussions of longstanding cultural and religious traditions that encourage large families. Alongside the booming population of young Nigerians, the country’s economy is stalling; youth unemployment hovers around 50 […]

Once a symbol of human ingenuity and power over nature, the 79,000 dams scattered across America’s landscape are now falling into disrepair and disuse. Even the larger, highly functioning dams struggle to generate enough energy to justify their drawbacks. This decline is merely the latest chapter in the fraught history of hydroelectricity — a tale that includes unintended environmental consequences and disregard for Native American rights. Repairing the damages […]

Apart from its romanticization in The West Wing, political speechwriting in the United States gets little public attention. The ghost writers responsible for some of the most widely quoted political speeches in history are, perhaps deliberately, overlooked in the political process. The lack of attention paid to speechwriters —while unsurprising — is significant, especially given the vital role their writing plays in shaping the […]

A century has passed since the first woman was elected to the United States Congress, but that timespan has yielded little progress in the chronic underrepresentation of women in American federal government.In 1916, the election of Jeanette Rankin of Montana marked the beginning of women in Congress. Upon being elected, Rankin famously said, “I may be the first woman member of Congress, but I […]

The environmental movement in the United States has a problem. From rooftop gardens to central parks, cities across the country have been putting the green into green spaces. In fact, cities like New York have committed upwards of $130 million to revamp old parks and create new ones. Well-intentioned as they may be, these investments drive up the cost of rent in these neighborhoods, forcing low-income families out, as the […]

“Climate change was once a bipartisan issue,” according to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) in an email interview with BPR.  In the 2000s, senators on both sides of the aisle sponsored cap-and-trade bills, vocally emphasizing the importance of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and working on what no one could claim to be a partisan issue: climate change. But in 2010, […]

Despite the presidential political fervor of the last few months, one thing has been surprisingly absent from the spotlight: politicians.It’s no secret that Americans don’t love politicians. Americans are dissatisfied with the political process, fed up with dysfunction, and put off by polarization. The most recent Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that only nine percent of likely […]

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