The politics of welfare, here in the United States and abroad, are fraught with tension, and poverty reduction programs have long been a favorite straw-man of the American right. Who can forget the pejorative, ever-pervasive “Welfare Queen” myth so passionately pushed by President Reagan in 1976? How about the similarly pejorative “47 percent” comment from […]

In light of this month’s budget and debt ceiling fiascos, a recent event hosted by Brown’s Common Sense Action (and co-sponsored by yours truly, BPR) seems all the more relevant. Entitled Breaking Promises: the Young’s Declining Share of the Economic Pie, Tuesday’s talk brought together two men from opposing sides of the aisle; Stanley Druckenmiller, […]

Stanley Druckenmiller and Geoffrey Canada are speaking. The event is being put on by Common Sense Action Brown University, and co-sponsored by a variety of groups including the Brown Political Review. Druckenmiller is a hedge fund manager, and Canada is a social activist, educator, and head of the Harlem Children’s Zone. The two speakers, a Republican and a Democrat, are traveling […]

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