Lee Dunn was recently named the head of White House strategy and outreach at Google. Before that, she was the head of Google’s Republican Elections team, which works to help Republican candidates devise and implement their online strategies. She previously worked for almost a decade as a top aide for Senator John McCain, including during […]

Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. is the New York County District Attorney. As District Attorney, Vance has removed of thousands of illegal firearms from city streets, dismantled 18 violent street gangs in Manhattan, convicted the first few individuals on state terror charges in New York, and recovered nearly $12 billion through settlements with nine banks that violated US sanctions.  Can you briefly describe the impetus behind the initiative to reduce New York City’s […]

Ann Ravel is the chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission. You have previously described the Federal Election Commission (FEC) as “worse than dysfunctional.” Do you think dysfunction is inherent to its structure, or is the dysfunction a new development? Many people, including one of my fellow commissioners, have said that dysfunction is inherent in the Commission, and that was the […]

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