Does gerrymandering contribute to polarization? In the July tradition of summer camps past, let’s play Two Truths and a Lie: Gerrymander Edition. Ready? Guess the lie: 1. Based on national votes cast for them, Democrats should have 18 more seats — a three seat majority — not the 33 seat minority engineered through Republican gerrymandering. 2. […]

Spoiler alert: Check out what you can do to keep the conversation going here. It’s almost impossible not to be cynical, reading the Times story about the White House and America’s young billionaires-to-be. Have you seen it? 100 twenty-somethings, with no particularly noteworthy life achievements besides being the imminent inheritors of their parents’ billionaire fortunes, […]

BPR is liveblogging the Watson Institute’s teach-in, “Making Sense of Events in Ukraine.” On the panel: Robert Legvold, professor emeritus, Political Science, Columbia University; Roman Torgovitsky, Soma System Foundation for Humanistic Journalism; Linda Cook, Political Science, Brown University; Patricia Herlihy, History, Brown University; Michael Kennedy, Sociology, Brown University; and Anna Lysyanskaya, of Brown’s Computer Science department.  Moderating is Richard M. Locke, Director of the Watson […]

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