Correction: The author of this piece asked to have his/her name removed for personal reasons. They carry guns, dress in jumpsuits and boast impeccable eyeliner — such is the irresistible image the US media has created for the female peshmerga soldiers of two influential Kurdish political parties. In southeastern Turkey and northwestern Syria, respectively, the […]

The late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was an inveterate U.S. foreign policy antagonist. He was a true master in this art. Ahmadinejad’s amateurish taunting is bush league in comparison. It is undeniable that over a decade in power, Chavez was continually on the cusp of new and exciting ways (though often ideologically contradictory ways) to […]

Jon Huntsman, a former governor of my home state, sure does look like an opportunist right now. After losing the battle to become the business-friendly Mormon presidential candidate (admittedly one he should have won) Huntsman emerged weakened. He had sullied his image as a high-minded, “above the fray” (as if this were possible) statesman through […]

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