John Dennis is the Republican candidate for California’s twelfth Congressional district. Running on a libertarian platform, Dennis will face Major Leader Nancy Pelosi for a third time this November. Dennis conducted this interview with BPR’s Benjamin Koatz. Brown Political Review: Why are running for Congress?John Dennis: Well, to see a better America and a better district.BPR: What do you think you offer […]

BPR’s Benjamin Koatz spoke with George Ayittey, president of the Free Africa Foundation, associate scholar at the Foreign Policy Research Institute and professor at American University. Dr. Ayittey has been named one of the top 100 public intellectuals of our time by Foreign Policy.Brown Political Review: You have frequently said, “Africa is poor because she […]

It had its own hashtag, trending on twitter. It halted the confirmation of a widely supported, experienced counterterrorism advisor to the Central Intelligence Agency – an institution almost begging for someone with those credentials to be at its helm. It was called the ‘filiblizzard,’ and it was, kind of, beautiful.Though our country’s lengthiest filibuster on […]

One of my fellow BPR colleagues ‘outed’ all libertarians as masturbatory Objectivist in a spectacularly erudite, strawman-less and fact-based article, which you can see here.Conflating objectivism and libertarianism, the author went on to claim that the fundamental tenet of objectivism was that free markets were ‘outside of subjective contestation’ and that objectivism was the philosophy […]

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