Earlier this year, in a statement released by the Windy City Times, Lilly Wachowski came out as transgender — something her sister Lana had done years prior. The news was met with initial elation by the public in support of her decision to come out. That, however, was overshadowed by subsequent vitriol following Lilly’s statement that she […]

For the last several months, borders have been at the forefront of politics and culture: Donald Trump infamously promised to erect a wall with “a big, fat, beautiful door” on the border separating the US and Mexico, while European nations have been grappling with their own border problems in the wake of the Syrian refugee […]

The rise of Donald Trump has been described as “unprecedented, illogical, and incredible.” The latter two adjectives can be argued for and against, but unprecedented does not describe this ascendance. If anything, a political outsider like Trump dominating headlines and winning primaries is exactly what ought to have been expected. The Republican Party, a party […]

The last three years on Twitter have been dominated by the growing import and presence of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, an “international activist movement that campaigns against the [structural] violence towards black people,” focusing heavily on racial violence committed by police forces across the country in the last few months. The movement developed in response to […]

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