According to an article published by Education Week just yesterday, Tucson Unified’s hugely popular and highly controversial Mexican-American studies program, eliminated just months ago by executive decision of newly appointed Arizona state superintendent of instruction John Huppenthal, may have a chance at reinstatement. This is big news if you’ve been following the debate that has […]

When it comes to reproductive rights in this country, we dodged a bullet Tuesday. It’s bad enough that many states and their legislators will continue to press for increasingly restrictive laws governing women’s reproductive choices, but the idea that we very nearly elected a president who supported the claim that an anti-choice stance “affirm[s] the […]

A recent report by the Population Division of the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs has received a great deal of attention in recent days for its recommendations regarding the aging of the global population. This trend is partly the result of improved health, nutrition, and women’s status globally (resulting, for example, in changing […]

The message from GED-prep organizations, states, and even the GED Testing Service is the same: take the test now. For those preparing for the GED, there are just a couple of years left before 2014, when a major redesign, including a shift to exclusively computerized testing and alignment with more “rigorous” college- and career-readiness standards […]

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