Mass tourism as a social phenomenon is relatively new, with its numbers rising dramatically in recent years.  Originating in the early 20th Century, the phenomenon experienced its first growth boost in the 1930s. Today, people make over one billion international trips a year, double those made 20 years ago. The exponential increase is linked with […]

Military potency is synonymous for a nation’s power within the global sphere, in most modern societies today. The United States has historically, and contemporarily, been the most notorious culprit of this—exercising military power, and subsequently inflicting violence, in order to establish its diplomatic and political dominance. The most recent implementation was on Thursday, April 13th, […]

Some argue that the historical and current bloodshed of Western imperialism has transformed the English language into a universal tool of communication. Through centuries of colonialism, neocolonialism, Cold War expansionism, and, most recently, globalization, the West has spread its preferred systems of capitalism, democracy, and moral values. The British, until the beginning of the 20th […]

Starting in November 2017, the Tate Modern in London will host an exhibit called Red Star Over Russia, and will display artwork made by Russian and Soviet artists between 1905 and 1953. The art includes propaganda posters, Socialist realist paintings, and photographs by renowned artists of the time. Each work of art is accompanied by […]

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