Edward Snowden’s revelation that the US government was spying on millions of communications between civilians sent shock waves through Silicon Valley. Major technology companies that had often been complicit in the surveillance program, such as Facebook, Google, and Apple realized the full extent of government spying and faced public outcry over the lack of user […]

In recent years, the Japanese population has challenged its government’s policies in public rallies on an unprecedented scale. Just this August, over 120,000 protesters gathered outside of the Japanese parliament to rally against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s proposed security bills, which aim to expand the capabilities of the Japanese military. The rally in Tokyo was […]

On Friday March 13th poet Kenneth Goldsmith performed a piece at Brown University entitled “Michael Brown’s Body.” A remixed recitation of Michael Brown’s Autopsy Examination Report, Goldsmith’s poem replaced the autopsy reports’ medical jargon with layman’s terms and altered its order. Despite these shallow modifications, the text retained it clinical shock, its detached description of […]

When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed in 2010, it undertook a major expansion of Medicaid—a public assistance program that offers healthcare to low-income families. However, Medicaid expansion was challenged when the Supreme Court ruled in National Federation of Independent Business vs. Sebelius that the federal government’s plan to impose expansion on state governments […]

Last February, Cornell University’s LGBTQ student group Direct Action to Stop Heterosexism (DASH) sent a letter to LGBTQ groups at Ivy League schools calling for a boycott of IvyQ. An inter-ivy conference for queer-identifying students, IvyQ hosts approximately 500 students annually, aspiring to a mission of“[creating] a pan-Ivy community of LGBTQ students and allies.” An […]

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