The first round of elections for the Majlis, Iran’s national parliament, changed the dynamic for political reformists throughout the country. 83 candidates from The List of Hope — an informal coalition of moderate and reformist candidates — claimed victory in the first of round of elections, an increase of over 50 representatives for the party. […]

In 2014, the events leading up to and following the referendum on Scottish independence dominated news coverage around the world. The idea of an independent Scotland was particularly intriguing as many international observers saw the UK as a cohesive unit. A Scottish split would have not only changed the nation’s identity, but also transformed global […]

If a man’s career represents his life story, Ambassador Chas Freeman’s tells a tale of success, excitement, and — not surprisingly — diplomacy. Having held positions such as the US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, and President Nixon’s principal interpreter during his 1972 trip to China, Ambassador Freeman […]

After more than four years of violence, the Syrian Civil War is as much of a proxy struggle between major international actors as it is an internal conflict. The involvement of external parties — namely Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United States — has transformed what was an already complicated battle, between the Syrian […]

Pope Francis has never let language barriers get in his way. Whether he’s conversing in Spanish, giving homilies in Italian, or addressing crowds of followers in English, Argentinian cleric Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who took the title Pope Francis around two years ago, has succeeded in building immediate and intimate connections with his audiences. Yet Pope […]

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