The ubiquity of American products abroad is hardly surprising. From Ray Bans to Nikes to Chevys, the marketplace today is truly global and interconnected. But one American export may prove to be less fashionable than these aforementioned products: obesity. Fast food establishments have been popping up around the world at an unprecedented rate, selling their meals […]

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, seems to have a knack for the unprecedented, a desire to chart his own path and challenge previously established norms, formalities, and laws. Well before his current swath of controversy — when the words “attempted coup” and “purge” did not yet dominate Turkish politics — Erdogan was already pushing the […]

In this day and age, the word “hacking” – whether it be uttered in hushed tones, echoed along with “Russians” and “election,” referred to as a software bug harming your laptop, or simply brought up by your computer science friends describing their latest project – seems both routine and distant. To hear of hacks is […]

In recent months, “populism” has become an international buzzword as the de-facto explanation for unanticipated political events. Used triumphantly or with resentment, the term is now thrown around with such frequency that its meaning — much like the terms “conservative” and “liberal” — is rarely reflected upon. Rather than being viewed as elastic terms whose exact […]

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