There are many things that can give financial markets jitters, but only a few do so with clockwork regularity. The United States Federal Reserve is such an entity, and its reputation for making the market quiver is well-earned. Shudders mainly occur when the Fed uses monetary policy to fulfill two often-contradictory tasks: minimize inflation and […]

In an increasingly competitive college application process, candidates fight tooth and nail for ever-more-coveted spots at their preferred institutions. Beyond the realm of SAT scores, extracurricular achievements and teacher recommendations, the advantage conveyed by legacy garners the most consistent controversy. An accident of birth — like so many other head starts in life — the […]

Recent events have not painted a pretty picture of Russian democracy. Rights abuses have become prevalent to the point of cliché, and high profile abuses such as the conviction of feminist punk band Pussy Riot for an anti-Putin demonstration in a church and the bigoted legislation outlawing “homosexual propaganda” have become international affairs. At the […]

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