Ryan Lewis had been exhibiting signs of clinical depression for months. Concerned about their son, his parents decided to send him to a residential treatment center to get him help. They consulted an educational expert, who referred them to the Alldredge Academy in West Virginia, a therapeutic wilderness program in the Appalachian wilderness that promised […]

When Paul Ryan announced that he was considering running for speaker of the house, he did so with a list of demands. Among them, he wanted more family time and fewer fundraising obligations than previous speakers, the unity of the House Republicans Conference behind him, and a rule change essentially removing the threat of being […]

The phrase “American accent” is a paradox. There are over 20 recognized dialects of “American English” alone, and there are nearly infinite permutations and mixtures of these vocal melodies, from the banshee squeal of lower Appalachia to the elongated moan of Baltimore. But there is also a very separate category of “populist speak.”Senator Elizabeth Warren […]

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