Most Americans aren’t expecting to find a beneficial program hiding in their tax return. Yet the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), despite its dull name, is just that. In 2013, the EITC brought 6.2 million workers above the poverty line and boosted the incomes of 21.6 million other low-income Americans. Although welfare programs primarily occupy […]

If one were to ask a 6-year old how to end homelessness, their response would probably be to give people homes. But if one were to ask the same question to a politician, the lengthy, meandering answer might include such ideas as personal responsibility, rent-controlled apartments, social values, private charity, or community development. Surprisingly (or […]

When most Americans think about choosing a party’s presidential nominee, they likely imagine voting booths and secret ballots, not crowded gymnasiums and hand-raising. But for the voters of caucus states that process is the reality of primary election season. Those states — or, more precisely, the political parties in those states — use caucuses to […]

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