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Brown Students Respond To Nudity and Fox News


On Wednesday Oct, 2nd, Jesse Watters, the same reporter from Fox News that snuck in and filmed students (including those under 18) naked at Brown Universities event ‘Sex Power God’ in 2006, came back to Brown to mock a student nude art project entitled, ‘Nudity In The Upspace.’ The event is meant to explore sexuality, race, assault, privilege and self-perception, through the body. Watters asked young women whether they were going to ‘de-robe,’ or ‘whether they liked nude body painting,’ this inappropriate exchange, and arguably sexual harassment, shocked many students, probing them to speak out on the truths of student art and intellectual exploration, and the twisted intentions of a powerful news platform that exploited the event.

 “We want to talk about these stigmas. In this space, we have found empowerment, some degree of self-acceptance, and fun. It is important to us to make the spaces we create comfortable and safe for everyone involved.”

- The Nudity In The Upspace Organizers.

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  1. StewartIII says:

    The O’Reilly Factor: iPhone vs. Girlfriends

  2. ohudson Oliver says:

    The medical establishment has likely invented new mental illnesses to sell therapy and drugs to new patients. The greatest tragedy in this, besides the potential misinformation given to patients, is that real mental illnesses are taken less seriously.

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