Last week, Japan’s upper chamber of parliament approved new guidelines to allow the country’s military “to engage in overseas combat assignments under certain circumstances.” This decision constitutes a radical reinterpretation of the country’s constitution, allowing Japan’s army to reenter the realm of international conflict for the first time in more than 60 years. The legislation […]


Trump 1

Donald Trump does not seem quite real. With his seemingly endless stream of offensive quotes, egregious wealth, and frankly ridiculous haircut he appears more like a cartoon or a sitcom character than someone who might one day sit in the White House. Buzzfeed even has a quiz called “Who Said It: Donald Trump or Lucille […]


On August 29 and 30, to commemorate a moment of national freedom, an open-air auditorium in Turkey’s capital hosted a magical encounter between two infamous and controversial figures in Turkish creative history. One was the renowned Turkish pianist and composer Fazil Say, who not only made headlines in recent years with the success of his […]