President Trump’s June 21st rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa was predictably similar to previous rallies he gave as a candidate and continues to give as President. He bragged about the size of the crowd filling the “big, big arena,” reiterated his promise to build a wall on our southern border and blasted Democrats at every […]

President Donald Trump’s use of Twitter is generally portrayed in the media as a paradigmatic shift in presidential communication — so unprecedented that it has forced us to make fundamental, consequential decisions on the role of social networks in modern politics. Later this year, a New York District Court will hand down one such decision: […]


Beijing has been notoriously indecisive in resisting North Korea’s missile deployments, mostly operating through diplomatic means to persuade North Korea to disband its nuclear weapons and missile activities. Although diplomatic efforts are important and a coalition of countries (US, South Korea, Japan, China and Russia) has tried to broker a resolution with Pyongyang during the […]

Evo Morales has been the President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia since 2006. The term “Plurinational State,” adopted by the 2009 constitution that President Morales himself helped formulate, explicitly describes the country not as a nation-state but as a solidaristic union of diverse ethnicities. More than any other president in modern Bolivian history, Morales […]