The 2016 Republican presidential primary has been – in a word – unpredictable. Ink and airtime have been monopolized by a confounding campaign season. From a field including nine past or present governors and four senators, a businessman with no relevant credentials for the highest office in the land has become the man to beat. […]


A century has passed since the first woman was elected to the United States Congress, but that timespan has yielded little progress in the chronic underrepresentation of women in American federal government.In 1916, the election of Jeanette Rankin of Montana marked the beginning of women in Congress. Upon being elected, Rankin famously said, “I may be the first woman member of Congress, but I […]



BPR is covering the lecture by Ambassador Chas Freeman on the ability of America to shape international politics, and how that has changed since the Cold War.Ambassador Freeman is a senior fellow at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. He was Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs from 1993-94, earning […]



Jun, an eighteen-year-old student from a Tokyo suburb, was in despair. He had just failed the entrance examination for the national university where he had planned to study philosophy. Confidence shattered, he nonetheless spent six months studying hard to pass the test the following year. Slowly, however, he turned to reading philosophy instead, abandoning his […]