Longtime mayors can often become outsized personalities and pop culture figures within the cities they serve. Former Providence mayor Vincent Cianci was no exception: Cianci, or “Buddy” as he was known, ruled Providence from his throne at city hall for a record breaking seven terms, first between 1975 and 1984 and then again between 1991 and 2002. In […]


Water has been labeled the petroleum of the next century and the subject of World War III by Goldman Sachs and Newsweek respectively. While the implications of water scarcity are clear in places like Saudi Arabia and California, those in Santiago, Chile, a city paradoxically plagued by both flooding and a dearth of drinking water, are […]

The declaration that “tyranny naturally arises out of democracy” is the famous, anti-democratic thesis of Plato’s Republic. While the Ancient Greek philosopher’s criticisms of direct democracy have led to the widespread denunciation of such systems of government, the specter of absolute democracy continues to gnaw at political institutions worldwide, remerging as a referendum. Indeed, referenda […]