Lobbying is loosely defined by each state as “an attempt to influence government action,” and in the eyes of many, the industry is highly untrustworthy. In a 2011 Gallup poll, 71 percent of Americans said they believed lobbyists have too much power and influence within our government. But regardless of prevailing sentiments toward lobbyists, their […]

Old Idaho State Penitentiary -- Boise, ID

On September 11th, 2015, seventy-five-year-old Lee Carroll Brooker, a disabled war veteran with chronic pain, received the news he had been dreading for months; his Supreme Court petition, challenging his life sentence for growing three dozen marijuana plants, had been denied. “If the court could sentence you to a term that is less than life […]



Brazil has become a nation defined by political backlash. Since early 2014, a regional Brazilian judge named Sérgio Moro has risen to domestic renown and international fame as the face of an investigation that has uncovered a web of corruption throughout Brazil, implicating those in the loftiest positions of Brazilian political and business life. From […]


Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall along the United States and Mexican border has arguably become the most memorable talking point of his presidential campaign. While his statements have fundamentally polarized the American public, Trump’s sentiments are not unprecedented in the global context. Some may praise globalization for its unifying effects, but today’s globalizing […]



Last week, the International Criminal Court found Islamic militant Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi guilty of war crimes and sentenced him to nine years in prison. Al-Mahdi now joins the ranks of Jean-Pierre Bemba, Germain Katanga, and Thomas Lubanga Dyilo as one of the only people to be convicted by the International Criminal Court since its inception […]


This past weekend, media developer Firaxis Games unveiled Sid Meier’s Civilization 6, the franchise’s latest, most technically advanced installment. Yet, despite all the frenzy surrounding the new game, memories of Civilization 3, in all its square-tiled antiquity, still linger, fresh and unadulterated in my mind. For my six-year-old self, that game was my first, and […]