In many ways, Rashad Newsome and Carell Johnson were no different from typical high school students: Newsome had a part-time job and was ranked as one of the top high school football players in the nation; Johnson had a 3.25 GPA and planned to attend California State University, Fresno. But thanks to the Los Angeles […]



Help wanted: Facebook is seeking a Head of Public Policy in Bangkok, Thailand. Responsibilities include monitoring Thai politics, working with the government and private sector partners regarding technology policy, promoting the use of Facebook, and communicating Facebook’s policy agenda to national leaders. With this vaguely defined job opening, the company looks to add to its […]



If the Nobel Prize in Literature was established to celebrate words that empower, then the Swedish Academy’s selection of Bob Dylan is long overdue. In the past fifty years, one would be hard pressed to find an individual — presidents and popes included — whose words have had a more profound societal impact than Dylan. With the scratchy spin of the vinyl and the crackling of the radio, he disseminated […]