On New Year’s Day, New York’s celebrated Second Avenue Subway opened to great fanfare, concluding a tortured, century-long history of false starts and continually altered deadlines. First proposed in the 1920s, the project languished for decades due to intermittent financial crises before construction officially started in 2007. City and state officials hailed completion of the […]


There are many reasons to be optimistic about global poverty rates. As The Economist reported, “between 1990 and 2010, [the number of people in poverty] fell by half as a share of the total population in developing countries, from 43% to 21%—a reduction of almost 1 billion people.” As part of its Global Goals, The […]


Military potency is synonymous for a nation’s power within the global sphere, in most modern societies today. The United States has historically, and contemporarily, been the most notorious culprit of this—exercising military power, and subsequently inflicting violence, in order to establish its diplomatic and political dominance. The most recent implementation was on Thursday, April 13th, […]

Soylent Original (2.0) is packaged in a minimalist, matte white plastic bottle – no nutrition facts, no warning labels, zero clutter. Above the Soylent label reads, “ready-to-drink food,” and each bottle includes 20% of the standard daily nutrition – 400 calories. The cream-colored liquid is viscous and thick, akin to pancake batter, and the taste is rich, […]