The recent tragedy in Orlando has once again brought the perpetual debate regarding gun control, domestic terrorism, and national security to the forefront of the American political agenda. Amidst the many painful lessons of yet another incident of gun violence, we must scrutinize the shortcomings of the legal system that tolerate, and even enable, such […]

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Just before midnight, after Monday night’s speeches, delegates for Bernie Sanders rallied in the hallways of the Wells Fargo Center. They chanted, “Bernie beats Trump,” in anticipation of Tuesday’s roll call vote. This is Bruce Jones of Half Moon Bay, California, representing San Mateo County, California. Who are you representing? My district of 50,000 voters […]



“We’re out.”With this laconic declaration, the Daily Mail delivered Friday’s simple, momentous truth to a polarized Britain; the torrent of patriotism and triumph on one side was matched only by the apocalyptic lamentations of the other.The United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union.While much of the county’s political establishment was left to reflect on […]



At the John Wayne Museum in Winterset, Iowa — a museum entirely devoted to commemorating the late, notorious actor — Donald Trump stood in front of a fake desert background and a wax figure of John Wayne.  “When you think about it, John Wayne represented strength, he represented power, he represented what the people are […]